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It’s everybody’s dream to become a straight-A student.
We will teach you how to study smart and not hard.


Online and
Small Group Tutoring

We are an Ontario based tutoring center that provides :

Our Services

Pre-K to Kindergarten

In preschool children learn pre-skills. Skills that will help lay the groundwork for more refined skills.

Grade 1 to 8 Tutoring

Tutoring with thorough coverage of the Ontario Curriculum of Subjects

After School Tutoring

After school tutoring helps a child with their  homework and learning ability.

Online Tutoring

This feature allows a child to receive help in studies via a laptop or any other electronic device.

Provincial Testing

The EQAQ test is used to measure a student’s achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics

Imagination Trail Tutoring

In 2006, Imagination Trail Tutoring was created to provide professional home tutoring services which would help achieve better educational results than ever before. Today, Imagination Trail Tutoring has expanded its’ services from 1-on-1 tutoring to small groups and online group tutoring sessions for students from pre-k to grade 8.
Why Choose Us


Every session is personalized to your child’s needs and learning style.


Our online tutoring is nationwide and welcome everyone. We believe in providing quality tutoring services.


The Best Tutors

We hand select tutors to match your child’s need.

Variety of Subjects

Math, English, Social Science, Geography, History and Science to students from pre-K to grade 8.