Imagination Trail Tutoring


Lesson Cancellation by Client/Student

All lessons must be completed within 30 days according to the 1st day of session commencement. If a client/student cancels any session for a particular reason, they have to make up the session within 7 days or else those hours will be lost.

As long as the lesson has been canceled with a minimum 24-hour grace period, no fee will be charged. If the individual does not notify cancellation on time, the full fee will be charged.

The fee structure and rules of application are written and based on the students/clients undertaking to attend all lessons. All lessons are mandatory to attend and no discounts or refunds shall be afforded to any student or client.

Please let Imagination Trail Tutoring know as early as possible via phone, or text if you want to cancel or reschedule a session for any reason.

 Lesson Cancellation by Tutor

A tutor has the authority to cancel a lesson with a minimum 24-hour notice and no fee will be incurred. If the lesson is pre-paid, then both client/student and tutor will agree on a new time and day for the lesson to be conducted.

All lessons must be completed within 30 days according to the 1st day of session commencement. If a tutor cancels any session for a particular reason, they have to arrange a makeup session within 7 days or the hours will be lost.


Cancellations due to technical issues with Online Sessions

If there is any missed or canceled session on the students end due to computer or internet issues, the client/student will be billed the full amount regardless. But if the problem is from our end then the student or the client will not be billed.

Late Arrival

Fees are calculated according to the time of the schedule and no exceptions are made. If the client/student has arrived late, the session will not be prolonged. If the tutor on the other hand arrives late, then the client/student and tutor will extend the time on a mutual agreement.

No-show Policy

Client/student who do not show up to the lesson or arrive more than 15 minutes late are considered no-shows. No-shows are still required to pay the full amount for the session. There will be no discounts or refunds.

If the client/student has incurred two no-show marks without minimum 24 hour notice, they may not schedule more sessions until they have met with the administrator. And pay-per-session clients/students must present payment for the session, which he or she has a no-show and the following session in order for tutoring to continue.


Missed Sessions

The point of these tutoring sessions or lessons is to help clients/students improve academically. For this reason, it is important that the clients/students adhere to the time, place, and agreement of the lesson. If by any chance there are more than 3 cancellations, no-shows, and tardiness in 2 months the client/student will be charged 35$.

This $35 is a convenience fee for each 2-month occurrence.


The tutoring sessions or lessons may be terminated by either party as long as the termination is done 30 days prior with a written notice. If the termination is done by the Imagination Trail Tutoring, a refund is given based on the balance owed (if any owed).

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy for all services. No refund request will be honored to a client/student regardless of reason or advance notice. If a client/student choosing to cancel their learning package ahead of time, they will be charged for remainder of the lessons to attend. Exceptions may only be made if the student has contracted a serious illness, has experienced the death of an immediate family member. In these cases, official documentation is required.


Obligations of The Parent/Guardian

The parent/guardian undertakes to be responsible for the student’s conduct and character during the tutoring sessions including promptness, respectful behavior, and staying on task.

The parent/guardian is responsible for initiating any communication with Imagination Trail Tutoring.

The parent/guardian is responsible for getting the student to the session on time and for picking up the student promptly as soon as the session has ended.

The parent/guardian agrees to ensure that the student has completed all work assigned by the tutor within the timeframe given.

No Warranties

We at the Imagination Trail Tutoring promise to provide the best educational services at our disposal. But we make no promise or warranty in regard to a student’s performance. In no event shall our obligations, expressed or implied, to any customer or site user, exceed those obligations specifically noted herein.


Whole Agreement

This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties with regard to the subject matter thereof and the parties waive the right to rely on any claimed or implied provision not contained herein. Any alteration to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

Agreement for Payment/Billing

Payment shall be made before the start of a tutoring session OR payment shall be made weekly/monthly in advance.

Must complete a credit card authorization form for monies to be automatically paid monthly.

Clients can request a statement of billing history for no additional fee. Statements will be delivered via email.

We do not accept cheques.